A telephone call to check on patients returning home after a hospital stay is making a big difference to patients from Unsworth.

Feedback from patients registered at Unsworth Medical Practice in Bury has been overwhelmingly positive about a new process that sees the practice calling to check their discharged patients are comfortable and have all they need for a successful recovery at home.

It’s a simple idea but one that has made a big difference to over 300 patients already who have had the practice’s support after a hospital spell.

Quite often, when a patient comes home from hospital, there are additional needs identified such as pain relief, an onward referral to another service or equipment that is needed to help with mobility or rehabilitation.  For some patients, it’s an opportunity to have any worries or concerns addressed and follow up appointments with their GP can also be arranged if they are needed.

Paula McCrossan, Practice Manager at Unsworth Medical Practice in Bury said: “We discussed with our Patient Participation Group what more the practice could do to support patients after a stay in hospital.  Whilst most things are usually in place for a patient when they return home, sometimes, there are additional needs such as prescribed medication or perhaps a little reassurance.  Even if a patient doesn’t have any additional needs, many have fed back positively after receiving a call to check on their welfare, and this is especially welcome when the patient lives alone, it also reminds them that we are here to help them on the road to recovery.”


Date 30th June 2017

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