Over the last few years there has been an exciting revolution taking place in Bury which is changing the way we manage health and social care.

It started when a group of enthusiastic staff from NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Bury Council, that plan and purchase health and social care services, met with Bury’s health and social care service providers.

Together they considered if redesigning key services could make a big difference to local people, improve their health and reduce the financial costs and burden on our overstretched emergency services.

The coming together of these ideas gave birth to Bury’s ‘Locality Plan’, and these exciting projects are now starting to become a reality.

It’s now two years since Greater Manchester signed a historic devolution deal with the government allowing it to take charge of the £6 billion spent on health and social care across the region.

Our Locality Plan describes how we are making devolution of health and social care happen here in Bury.  The new and transformed services described in our plan will make a big difference to the people of Bury and will provide a more integrated, quality and responsive health and social care system.

Teams that plan and purchase services from the CCG and Bury Council are working with providers of front line services towards this shared vision and commitment to improve services and improve the lives of local people.

They are breaking down traditional roles and organisational boundaries, co-producing projects and involving patients in the process when developing and enhancing local services.  We are also moving towards shared budgets to develop services that the people of Bury need.  No longer will we have the frustrations of managing organisational boundaries, protecting individual budgets, duplicating tasks and functions and having conflicting approaches to care.

You might have come along to our ‘Devolution Difference’ event earlier this month, to hear about these big changes happening in Bury.  It’s an exciting journey that will enable us to make a significant difference for the benefit of local people.

Dr. Jeff Schryer
Local GP and Chair of NHS Bury CCG