We are committed to making this website accessible and easy to use for everyone.

The Avada WordPress theme which is used on this website follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and we have made all reasonable and achievable efforts to ensure the website is in line with accessibility regulations.

Changing the way web pages are displayed

Some website users may benefit from customising their computer to suit their own requirements, for example changing the text size or colour, or the colour of the background.

Almost all browsers enable you to change the way web pages are displayed. Ability.net’s My Computer, My Way website includes guides showing how you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for you.

Using a keyboard to navigate this website

This website has been designed to be navigable using a keyboard:

  • Tab: move to the next interactive item (such as link, button, input)
  • Shift+Tab: move to the previous interactive action
  • Arrow keys (up,down,left,right): navigate within the page content
  • Enter: interact with items on the page

Plain English and alternative formats

We have tried to ensure that the language on this site is easy to understand and concise and, where used, abbreviations, technical terms and acronyms are explained.  If would like any text or documents on this website in another language or format, or have any additional communications needs, please get in touch

Document downloads

We aim to provide all information as web pages where possible. Sometimes we give information in other formats including PDF and Word documents. Most computers already have the software to open these document formats.

Some PDF files may still not be fully accessible such as older PDF files and those containing complex statistics and data tables.

If you have problems accessing any content in a PDF or Word file, please let us know

We welcome your feedback

We welcome all feedback about the usability and accessibility of this website. If you have any comments or experience any difficulty accessing this website please get in touch