7th December 2020 16:30– 18:30

Virtual Meeting via Microsoft Teams

Key – A – Approval, R – Recommendation, C – Consideration, I – Information

Item DescriptionReport/VerbalPresenter
1Welcome, Apologies and QuoracyVerbalChair
2Declaration of InterestsReportChair
3Minutes of the last Meeting and Action Log
• 2 November 2020
Minutes and Action LogChair
4Public Questions
Verbal Chair
5Chief Executive and Accountable Officer UpdateReportGeoff Little
6Inclusion Strategy 2020-2024 ReportLynne Ridsdale
7.12020/21 Q2 Finance Report ReportCllr O’Brien / M Woodhead
7.22021/22 and future years

• 2021/22 Council budget update

• 2021/22 CCG budget update

• Spending review briefing



Cllr O’Brien / M Woodhead
8Council / CCG Risk Report ReportLynne Ridsdale
9COVID-19 Update VerbalGeoff Little/Lesley Jones
10Supervised Consumption ReportLesley Jones
11LCO Business Case for the further development of the UTCReportWill Blandamer
12Consideration of future arrangements for the provision of Community Health Care Services ReportWill Blandamer
13LCO Service and Infrastructure Costs ReportWill Blandamer
14Minutes of Meetings
• Bury System Board Meeting
15AOB and Closing MattersVerbalChair