The NHS Constitution – What it means for you

The NHS Constitution brings together in one place what patients and the public can expect from the NHS.

The NHS belongs to us all. As well as capturing the purpose, principles and values of the NHS, the Constitution brings together a number of rights, pledges and responsibilities for staff and patients alike. These rights and responsibilities are the result of extensive discussions and consultations with staff, patients and members of the public and it reflects what matters to them.

The Government has a legal duty to review the Constitution every 10 years and will not be able to change it without the full involvement of staff, patients and the public.

All NHS bodies, private and third sector providers supplying NHS services will be required by law to take account of this Constitution. NHS Bury CCG will make sure that any decisions and actions taken will be in line with the NHS Constitution.

  • The full NHS Constitution can be downloaded here (updated October 2015)
  • For further information please click here